Elkslip 1925 Vintage Botanical Print


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Vintage botanical print from 1925 by Mary Vaux Walcott titled Elkslip . Walcott did the drawings for these prints whilst traveling across North America and they where subsequently produced in 1925 as prints by the Smithsonian in a work on North American Wildflowers.

This is a 1925 print and not a later release, these where done in a limited quantity of 500.

The prints are also famous for the new printing process they used which became known as the Smithsonian Process which William Edwin Rudge developed whilst working with Walcott, it is a form of photoengraving which produces fantastic results. You can find out more on Walcott and the process by visiting the Smithsonian website.

The overall paper size is 12 by 9 inches with an impressed area of 9 1/2 by 7 , the print area being 4 1/2 by 4 inches approximately.

The print is in very good condition, exceptionally clean for it’s age, light toning & small dots to paper edges, please see pictures.

The print is stamped bottom left with partial plate number 287, artists initials and date 1925.

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