1854 steel engraving The Flight of The Earl of Tyrone


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1854 steel engraving of the Flight of the Earl of Tyrone. He left Ireland during the Flight of the Earls in 1607.

It has beautiful scrolling as at the bottom containing a smaller image.

The engraving is in very good condition, only light toning to the edge on the paper, see pictures.

Engraving size is approximately 16 by 12 cm’s

Paper size is approximately 18 by 27 cm’s

The engravings where done from drawing by Henry Warren expressly for the printing.

Henry Warren 1794-1879 was President of the New Watercolour Society the medium he mainly worked in. He was a pupil of Joseph Nollekens 1737-1823.

The engraving was done by J Rogers.
Price includes standard postage in Ireland.

Weight .02 kg

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